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Who We Are

Beyond Tagus, in partnership with Pacific Estates Lda., is committed to bringing the rich and varied history of ancient Portugal to life for the discerning visitor who wants to be apart from the tourist crowds and frequently overrun common sites available in the ordinary travel guide. We are a group of Portuguese and American Investors who share a passion and love for Portugal; all of who have traveled extensively throughout the world including Europe, Asia, and the Americas. But Portugal presented itself as singularly unique with an amazing mix of history, culture, cuisine, value, and a people who are simultaneously interesting, kind, and considerate to visitors. The Portuguese truly want visitors to their country to enjoy themselves and to feel at home.

Projects & Partners

Through dozens of trips throughout Portugal, from the sunny Algarve to the sprawling capital of Lisbon, and then through the less-traveled interior regions then north to Porto and the Douro Valley, our partners personally explored and experienced much that Portugal has to offer. And through these trips, some lasting many weeks, we identified the town of Alcácer do Sal as one where we chose to invest our time and treasure, for while unspoiled and retaining its historical charm and mystery, Alcácer do Sal is not only a short drive back to Lisbon, Cascais and SIntra, but it also opens the door for visitors to ancient Evora, the sparkling beaches of Comporta, the glamour of Troia, and the wonderful port of Setubal, to name but a few sites within an hour easy drive of Alcácer do Sal. The Alentejo region offers fine covered markets full of fish, fruit and handicrafts, Roman ruins without the crowds, Manueline and Moorish architecture, and the splendid vintages which have been referred to by wine aficionados as arising from "the New World of Portuguese wine" where the well-established white wines are now being challenged by "the ripe fruit and full-bodies character of the reds are forging the region's reputation." 
So come "Beyond the Tagus" and meet the extraordinary world of the Alentejo and Alcácer do Sal. Beyond Tagus and our premium properties welcome you!

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